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HMRC Off-Payroll Working Rules IR35 Legislation for Public Sector Intermediaries

Dear Service User,

A few of our clients have recently contacted us with concerns and questions regarding some of the forthcoming legislation changes.

From April 2017, HMRC will be implementing new IR35 legislation (designed specifically for the public sector). It moves the due diligence and compliance responsibility from the Contractor to the Recruitment business.

Because of these changes to the law, this will make public sector bodies responsible for deciding whether payments we make to certain staff should be treated like employment earnings and subject to PAYE.

To remove any element of doubt we only work with a PAYE payroll structure to all staff we supply, therefore removing the administration and concern for tests on ‘disguised employment’ of any staff we present to you.

We have a statement to share with service users to reassure you that all staff sent under contract to any of your premises are fully employed by Deaf Umbrella. Please feel free to pass this statement throughout your organisation to ensure all parties are aware of our compliance with IR35 legislation for intermediaries.

Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Rachel Hubbard for more information.

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