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By George, is it that time of year already?

April 23rd April 2017 is St Georges Day. A day that celebrates our English heritage as he is the Patron Saint of England.

A few facts for you:

  • In 1222 the Council of Oxford declared April 23rd St Georges Day, he became the Patron Saint of England in 1348

  • Traditional customs are to fly the St Georges Flag and wear a red rose in your lapel

  • The hymn ‘Jerusalem’ was sung on the 23rd April or the nearest Sunday to that date, in churches across the nation

  • It is also the death of English playwright William Shakespeare. UNESCO marked this historic date by declaring it the International Day of the Book. Unfortunately for poor William, he died on his birthday too – what a way to celebrate?!

  • The jury is, however, still out on the whole “slaying the dragon” claim……

To celebrate St George’s Day and William Shakespeare’s birthday, there is a weekend of activity at The Globe Theatre on the South Bank – clink on this link to see a full listing. This year, William would have been 453 years old!

In the spirit of all things English I often think of our Royal Family, our many famous historical figures, perhaps some well-known English events – our festivals, boat races, horse races and how well we “do” Pomp & Circumstance! However, my thoughts usually turn back to food! For many years, England was not considered the epitome of Gastronomy – not anymore! Summer strawberries, fresh asparagus, English breakfast, fish and chips… the list of what we cook well goes on! Here in Deptford we are very lucky to have an amazing local market within a short walking distance. Hop on the DLR and we soon arrive at Borough Market.

Borough Market is a hustling, bustling hive of food selling activity from global traders. Traditional Farming and Butchery, Cheese, Bread, Oils, Fish and Veggies all competing for your undivided attention in colourful displays and cabinets.

The market is open from 10.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday and 8.00 to 17.00 on a Saturday. I can be found on a lazy Saturday morning stocking up on bulbous farm-fresh garlic or super Jersey Royals, balsamic glazes, fresh fish and bundles of aromatic herbs, often stopping for a beer and baguette before heading home at lunchtime with plans for supper!

When was the last time you went? Did you know they have interpreted cooking demonstrations? They do! A British Sign Language interpreter is booked to interpret the information to ensure full access for all the audience. Take a look at their page:

Here you will find a list of interpreted cooking shows:

There is nothing more celebratory than meeting friends over great food – I shall be raising glass on Saturday. Happy St Georges Day!


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