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Our Experience At "The Silent Child" Film Screening

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The Oscars 2018 countdown has started!

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony will take place in Los Angeles and will honour the best films of 2017 on the 4th of March.

The Deaf Community are especially excited this year because "The Silent Child" has been nominated as the Best Live Action Short Film. Certainly, this nomination has helped to promote deaf awareness.

This film tackles one of the loneliest disabilities and tackles avoidable struggles that deaf children face; the film wants to help get sign language recognised in schools and give a voice to all the silent children around the world.


Set in rural England and inspired by real life events, "The Silent Child" centres around a profoundly deaf four year old girl named Libby who is born into a middle class family and lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her the gift of communication.

When fresh faced social worker, Joanne turns up we see Libby transform. This once withdrawn four year old suddenly feels connected to the world and over a short period of time Joanne and Libby's relationship blossoms.

Watch the trailer:

Last Saturday, 17th February Deaf Umbrella had the opportunity to enjoy the exclusive Pre-Oscars party and watch a film screening at the lovely Soho Hotel.

This touching story surely leaves nobody indifferent; it is brilliantly portrayed by impeccably cast actors, enhanced by beautiful locations, has clever direction, stunning cinematography, and a strong awareness of sign language in the education of deaf students.

The film shows that deafness is not a learning difficulty; that a deaf person can achieve a successful life just like anybody else can with the right support.

Deaf Umbrella wants to wish very good luck to "The Silent Child" team at the Oscars Ceremony. Hopefully they will indeed take home the award – it is certainly well deserved!

"90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents with no experience of deafness often resulting in limited communication between the parent and child, meaning a child can start school with little to no communication skills. Since the closure of almost all deaf schools, deaf children now have to attend mainstream school and shockingly over 78% of deaf children attend mainstream school with no specialised support in place. This is heavily reflected in their grades as well as their mental health and well being".

20 min | Short, Drama

Directed by

Chris Overton

Writing Credits

Rachel Shenton


Rachel Shenton

Rachel Fielding

Maisie Sly

Philip York

Anna Barry

Sam Rees

Annie Cusselle



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