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Our selection of the 9 greatest Christmas TV adverts of all time; Can you remember them?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It's that time of year again! The Festive Season has begun with the slew of Christmas adverts.

Adverts make us laugh, they make us cry…, but the most important thing is that adverts make us spend our money!

With the Christmas Spirit in our veins and the countdown on its way, we should have a look back and enjoy our 9 best ever seasonal commercials:

1. The Woolworths one was a classic (1983) – people loved Jeff Capes, Daily Thompson who were both in it;

2. John Lewis (2015) was a great one with "The man on the moon";

3. Then Lidl had a spoof John Lewis advert which was great!;

4. Sainsbury's "Christmas is for sharing" (2014) was brilliant and never fails to make us tear up;

5. Allegro and "Polish man learning English" (2016) melted our hearts with a man learning English for a very special and heart-warming reason;

6. Toys R Us and "A magical place" (1989) wasn't technically a Christmas advert, but for some reason we always think of Christmas when we see it. We're still disappointed not to be greeted by a giraffe when we go shopping!

7. In 2006 Marks and Spencer seduced us with a turkey with their "Not just Christmas food, this is M&S Christmas food" Christmas advert;

8. John Lewis brought us in 2016 a lovely story of a dog who loved to bounce on his family's trampoline while they were asleep.

9. And... oh my... Who can resist crying while watching these little guys from the 2017 Heathrow Airport "The Bear family" Christmas Advert?;

What's your favourite one? Which one would you add to the list? Leave your comment and remember to share this with your loved ones :)

Have a lovely time!


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