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Essential Deaf-themed reads for World Book Day

As we celebrate World Book Day on Thursday, March 7th, it's the perfect opportunity to explore literature that reflects the rich diversity of the deaf community. From heartfelt stories to inspiring memoirs, these books offer valuable insights and captivating narratives.

Whether you're looking for a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, explore these captivating reads and expand your literary horizons!

1. True Biz

Author: Sara Novic

The students at the River Valley School for the Deaf just want to hook up, pass their history finals, and have politicians, doctors, and their parents stop telling them what to do with their bodies. This revelatory novel plunges readers into the halls of a residential school for the deaf, where they'll meet Charlie, a rebellious transfer student who's never met another deaf person before; Austin, the school's golden boy, whose world is rocked when his baby sister is born hearing; and February, the headmistress, who is fighting to keep her school open and her marriage intact, but might not be able to do both.

2. Deaf Republic

Author: Ilya Kaminsky

This powerful poetry collection tells the story of an imaginary town where deafness becomes a form of resistance against oppression.

Set in a time of political turmoil, the deaf community in "Deaf Republic" communicates through sign language as they confront violence and injustice.

3. Wonderstruck

Author: Brian Selznick

In this captivating novel, two parallel stories unfold: one through words and the other through illustrations.

One of the protagonists, Ben, is a deaf boy who embarks on a quest to uncover family secrets and find a place where he truly belongs.

4. Silent Fear

Author: Lance Morcan

A gripping thriller that follows a deaf woman, Jodie, as she faces terrifying challenges after witnessing a murder. With relentless suspense and unexpected twists, "Silent Fear" explores themes of resilience and survival.

5. Signs Of Survival

Authors: Renee Hartman, Joshua M. Greene 

This book tells the story of a deaf child and her hearing sister's survival of the holocaust. They are both CODAs who lost their deaf parents.

Renee, the only hearing person in her family, had to alert her parents and sister whenever the sound of Nazi boots approached their home so they could hide.

6. Signs of Attraction

Author: Laura Brown

A contemporary romance novel featuring a deaf heroine, Mia, who finds herself drawn to a hearing bartender named Jake.

As their relationship deepens, they must navigate communication barriers and societal expectations.

7. Deaf Like Me

Authors: Thomas S. Spradley and James P. Spradley

This poignant memoir chronicles the journey of a family whose daughter, Lynn, is born deaf. Through their experiences, the Spradleys shed light on the challenges and triumphs of raising a deaf child, offering profound insights into the deaf community.

We hope these book recommendations inspire you to explore new literary worlds and gain a deeper understanding of deaf culture and experiences. Feel free to contribute with your favorite book as well! We'd love to hear about the stories that have touched your hearts and inspired you.

Happy reading, and may World Book Day bring joy and discovery to your life!

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