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A facemask revolution – with a discount!

After giving you our experience using this mask we are glad to share with our readers that Myinvisiblemask have created a unique code so you can get 20% off your orders!

We hear these masks are selling out fast, so you may want to take advantage of this unique offer quickly?

The code is: DU20

Just remember that this code is valid till the end of November 2020.

Did you miss our Instagram review? These are the reasons why we like this mask:

👀 The mask is completely transparent. You can smile, speak and communicate with people who rely on lip reading and facial expressions to understand what others are saying.

💦 It is easily disinfected and is washable. It is very easy is to clean it with soap and running water. You can also use disinfectant spray, gel or alcohol wipes.

♻️ It's sustainable as you can use it again and again. Hands up if you hate to see disposable masks thrown away everywhere!

🌫️ The mask doesn't fog up. As with other windowed facemasks, you can prevent the mask from misting up by applying a drop of liquid soap onto the mask and then rub it around. This simple hack really does work! Watch our videos here:

😜 It's very comfortable, breathable and ultra-lightweight. You can barely feel the mask on your face, and it allows you to talk easily, and it also matches with all your outfits!

Having said that, and knowing that face masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future⁠, we would like to ask people to consider always using a face mask with a clear panel. It would make a huge difference to people who are currently feeling excluded and isolated, such as those who need to lip read, many with autism who need to see expression and our little ones who need to see our smiles.

Remember that you have until the end of November 2020 to buy these transparent masks with a 20% off, just for you!

The code is: DU20

⁠Please note, these masks are not approved medical PPE but are a sustainable way to follow current Government guidance on face coverings.


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