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UK Bank holidays hack: Book these 19 dates of annual leave and get 48 days off work

If you are looking forward to maximising your annual leave this 2023, just keep reading... You can nearly triple your time off!

If you are lucky enough to not normally working bank holidays or weekends, then you will know that each year you can book annual leave in a savvy way to utilise them fully.

And this year won't be different.

To maximise annual leave and turn long weekends into holiday weeks book these 19 dates in 2023:


Easter falls on April 7 (Good Friday) and April 10 (Easter Monday). Booking off these 4 dates gives you 10 days off:

  • Monday, April 3

  • Tuesday, April 4

  • Wednesday, April 5

  • Thursday, April 6


You can get ten days off using just four days leave, thanks to the May Bank Holiday weekend and the Coronation of King Charles, which will take place on Saturday, May 6, but have a holiday on Monday, May 8.

  • Tuesday, May 2

  • Wednesday, May 3

  • Thursday, May 4

  • Friday, May 5

End of May/early June

The next is Spring Bank Holiday on Monday, May 29. Once again, you can get nine days out of the office with just four days allowance:

  • Tuesday, May 30

  • Wednesday, May 31

  • Thursday, June 1

  • Friday, June 2

End of August/early September

The next Bank Holiday is Monday, August 28. Book four dates off AGAIN for nine days out of work, folks. They are as follows:

  • Tuesday, August 29

  • Wednesday, August 30

  • Thursday, August 31

  • Friday, September 1


The Bank Holidays are on Monday, December 25 (Christmas Day) and Tuesday, December 26 (Boxing Day). You can get ten days off by booking the following:

  • Wednesday, December 27

  • Thursday, December 28

  • Friday, December 29

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