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True Biz by Sara Novic - Our Summer Giveaway!

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Being asked to read a book so that you can write a review isn’t always the best introduction to a text… Having said that, I do love reading and am always game for a challenge!

So, armed with my preview copy and a nice cuppa, I settled into my comfiest chair and began. Determined to do a thorough job, I began with the introduction inside the dust cover, read all the reviews on the reverse, the dedication page and all the quotations before finally arriving at Chapter 1.

The pre-amble was impressive, and I was worried that maybe they had over-sold the book? I need not have been concerned, within the first few lines I knew this was a book I was going to enjoy, and by the end of the first few pages I was gripped.

Having worked within the d/Deaf community for upwards of 20 years, I honestly thought I knew pretty much all there was to know. How wrong I was – possibly even arrogant in my view even? In telling this story, Sara has managed to educate her readers effortlessly and with compassion. This book has made me laugh and cry in equal measure and has certainly reignited my passion for Deaf Awareness. The fact this book is based within the American education system does not diminish the message within the covers – d/Deaf pupils in schools and colleges across the globe suffer the same lack of understanding, support, input and are often considered the “poor relations” when it comes to budgetary concerns and understanding of their educational needs. Of course, they have their champions, as with February in the story, but they are sadly often few and far between.

However, at the heart of this book are “real” people, with pertinent and relevant issues whose characters all have a tale to tell, whether d/Deaf related or not.

I do not want to write a long review that simply condenses the book – you should absolutely read it for yourself! Whatever your connection to the d/Deaf community, or whether you just enjoy a really well-written and well-rounded story, this book has something to offer everyone who enjoys a well-presented story.

If this review has caught your fancy, and you are interested in winning this fabulous book (UK only I am sorry to say) please check tomorrow our Social Media channels for a chance to win a copy!


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