Full Inclusion With Sign Language

September 19, 2017

The International Week of the Deaf is here! As you know this year the celebration takes place under the theme ‘Full Inclusion with Sign Language’.


At Deaf Umbrella we are concerned with the importance of the recognition, utilisation and promotion of sign language, and we have added more British Sign Language videos to our website and  YouTube channel talking about the different types of communication support you can find.


Have you ever wanted to know what a Lipspeaker is? or what an Exam Invigilator does? Or find full information about what a British Sign Language Interpreter does?

All our videos are signed or/and subtitled; you can now find access to signed information for all our services to you (click on the video).


How are you celebrating this week? Join with the hashtags below to make this movement bigger and share as widely as possible to your network!




Happy International Week of the Deaf!

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