As an employer or education provider,  we solve your communications needs.  


We provide BSL Interpreting and a range of Communication services to facilitate communication between Deaf/Hard of Hearing and hearing people in London and the South East area (Kent).

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“I honestly couldn't praise the interpreters any more. They were professional, friendly, enthusiastic and an all-round joy to work with.  Thank you for your support in securing (sic) Interpreters for our event. We will definitely be using Deaf Umbrella when recruiting for interpreters in the future.”

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  • Interview techniques

  • Employment needs assessment

  • Universal Job Match

  • Access to Work support

Free Guides >> 


  • Deaf Awareness in Education

  • BSL; From hobby to career

  • A Guide for Employers

  • Note Taking; What do they do? NEW

Training courses


  • BSL and Deaf Awareness Online Courses: ​Expand your signing knowledge and ease the flow of communication while self-isolating.  From £100 - AVAILABLE!  >>


Benefits and Grants


  • Access to Work (AtW)If your hearing affects you at work, Access to Work grant could help pay for communication and equipment support >>


  • Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs)If you are deaf or have hearing loss and are a higher education student, you may be eligible for DSAs that could help pay for extra equipment and specialist support for your studies >>

Employers >>


Facilitate communication within your workplace with trained language service professionals. 


Whether you are supporting your deaf staff's career with training, supervision, job coaching, appraisals or general meetings we provide quick efficient support to match your requirements. 


Find advise and support you could need on all aspects of Access to Work.




Education Providers >>


Whether you are a School, Further or Higher Education provider we are here to solve your student’s needs.


Registered sign language interpreters, qualified communication support workers, Level 2 or 3 Notetakers (manual or electronic) Exam invigilators, Teachers of the Deaf – all our staff excel in education based on the training we provide.




Deaf Awareness Training >>


Empowering you to break down barriers. Simple effective training online or onsite to solve any communication issues you face. From £79.


We can show you how to gain FREE training now by calling us!




Employment Search Support - Job Club for Deaf & Hard of Hearing people >>


  • Preparing for Work

  • Engaging with Employers

  • Self-improvement

  • Retaining Employment




NEW  In-Vision Signer (BSL videos) >>


Do you want a fully accessible website? Make your organisation Deaf-friendly with BSL videos.


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