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Communication Support Worker

A Communication Support Worker (CSW) enables access to communication, using a variety of support strategies and communication modes to match individuals’ needs and preferences. CSWs liaise with other professionals such as: Teachers of the Deaf, audiologists, teachers, lecturers, other CSWs and team leaders. This support generally involves a two-way exchange of information, through BSL, written notes or clear speech, and provides access to information and opportunities within the educational institution.


Many learners require more than one form of support at the same time (e.g. BSL Interpreter and a notetaker) and therefore may need the services of more than one professional within the same session. The CSW facilitates access to the curriculum and the wider learning environment in Schools, Universities, Colleges of Further Education, Adult Education Centres and other learning environments, and meets the needs of the individual deaf learner wherever possible.


A CSW will hold a minimum Level 3 BSL and hold a CSW qualification. Many CSW’s will specialise in a particular subject or hold extensive subject specific knowledge and provide Deaf Awareness training, advice and guidance for staff or the peer group. CSW’s work to a professional code of ethics and conduct and will treat information with the strictest confidence.

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