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Is Deaf Umbrella for you?

Being a language service professional is a rewarding job – one that can change lives – it’s always interesting and varied. But it’s a challenging and demanding job; you need to understand who you are too.


You may be working in areas or with topics with which you have little first-hand knowledge. You will need strong personal qualities; good organisational skills, sensitivity and tact, flexibility and sound judgment.


Your abilities will of course grow with experience, training and further education. We are forever learning, assessing, thinking of how our actions affect others and developing our language skills. This allows us to take a source message and translate this into the target message giving content, intent, aims and outcomes of the message. We love what we do, communication is our passion. Is this the job for you?

Interview procedure

  1. Application Form requested and sent.  We kindly ask that your return this within 2 weeks.

  2. Once received, your Application Form is scored and you are invited for interview if successful

  3. Your interview will form discussions with our Director, and includes a skills test with a BSL tutor.  We will need between one to two hours of your time.

  4. You will be given immediate feedback on your interview and skills test.

  5. If successful you will be given a date for Induction and Onboarding to Deaf Umbrella.

  6. We offer mainly PAYE positions within Education or the Workplace, and welcome Freelancers to apply too.

Is this the job for you?

If you feel this is for you, then we're happy to hear from you!

Please, contact us on the form below and we will return a job application to you.

Thanks for submitting!
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