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"Don't learn to do but learn in the doing". Samuel Butler

The University of Greenwich, London and South East, LSPD Course, CSW




Deaf Umbrella are pleased to bring to you; Credit rated by the University of Greenwich  ‘Language Service Professional Development (CSW)’ This is a course attracting 6o credits at level 4.


The course is targeted at people who are working as a Communication Support Worker (CSW) in an educational setting or those people wishing to become a qualified CSW and can use their 60 credits towards a university degree to pursue career prospects. 

You are offered a full academic year course, with 7 modules; guided study and distance learning.  The aim of the course is to enable a new generation of CSW’s to have developed knowledge and skills to be able to critically analyse their role of BSL support within the learning environment. 


The "Language Service Professional Development Course" is putting theory into practice where employability is developed by focussing on student understanding of career management through work based learning, work related issues and academic achievement. 

All modules are matched with the National Occupational Standards published March 2011 and show an academic route that will enable the CSW to work under DSA QAG guidelines.







  • Must be over 18

  • Hold a minimum BSL Level 2 qualification; preferably higher

  • Hold a minimum Level 2 English


  • Ideally have some experience of working with Deaf people  (if not we will be offering an Induction bolt on to the course)

  • Ability to complete a minimum 16 hours work based learning per week



Deaf Umbrella is interested in applications from individuals and organisations. 


Costs:  £1,295 + VAT.



More than one student per organisation will attract a 10% reduction in fee, per person. 

Individuals who wish to participate in the course and work with Deaf Umbrella full time are offered the course free of charge; this is subject to conditions.  Please request further information.



Deaf Umbrella is a private limited company, with over 15 years’ experience in our chosen field of expertise.  During this time, we have fully funded (through the reinvestment of profits) in excess of 40 staff members to become highly skilled Communication Support Workers (CSWs) and Interpreters; our staff is actively encouraged to reach their full professional potential. 


Deaf Umbrella understands that success is achieved by becoming the business partner of choice and, therefore, is committed to implementing best-practice, and sharing knowledge and experience to create skilled Language Service Professionals. 

We know that doing “the right things right” builds a sustainable competitive advantage.  We are therefore committed to fostering partnerships where knowledge and learning are valued and shared.







UK Universities are regarded as being some of the best in the world. Maintaining the highest academic quality and standard is crucial to that reputation.  Deaf Umbrella will work with the University of Greenwich to ensure the student can have confidence that the time and money they invest in their education is money well spent!  We believe in the value of people and provide an educational environment that inspires and rewards learning, professional excellence and exceptional performance.


your interest and gain information on the distinct features of the course for January 2019 please registerTo email: with LSPD Course in the subject line.


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