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New Website

In August 2016, we had the pleasure of meeting Elisa Nuevo Vallin, new to the UK with a close relationship with the deaf community and having moved into our building it was obvious to Elisa to come and say Hi.

Elisa is a child of deaf adults (CODA) who started an online project focused on information sharing to deaf people in Spain, her native country in May 2015:

A social project completed in her spare time it is something to be very proud of – do look around.

With a fabulous proposal to become our digital marketing campaigner we have set to work on a new website.

Elisa has been busy filming, editing, designing and often missing lunch! It has been difficult for some to see themselves on video but Elisa has a wonderful way of putting you at ease.

Through our website we can have direct contact with you, through social media we can share information with you. This interaction is a key part of a Deaf person’s life; we hope that we can provide you with something more fun to view.

Watch this space!

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