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The Knott family's history

With more than 700 followers on Instagram, @daddyknott has hooked us with their family's story with their son Nelson, who was born profoundly deaf.

This is Nelson, a baby with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. It means that his cochlea isn’t working, so no sound is getting through to his brain.

Becky and James (their parents) started their Instagram page posting this picture with the main objective to spread awareness about deafness in children.

After that, a lot of people commented and started follow them.

They post regularly so you can see, as they say: "their ups and their downs". It seems there are more UPS indeed!

Becky started to learn British Sign Language before Nelson was born in what has been a total coincidence because they have no history of deafness in either of their families. Now she has completed her British Sign Language level 3.

It has given them a massive head start, not just with signing but with deaf culture and deaf awareness in general.

Prudence is Nelson’s older sister and she started her sign class when she was a bit younger, so she’s picked up the language quickly and has about 80 signs in the locker; "her favourites include cake and chocolate!" (as James, her father tells).

You can read the interview that The Limping Chicken did him about having a Deaf son, Sign Language and social media here:

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