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How to check your hearing loss

Do you think you have been having difficulty hearing? Keep reading...

At Deaf Umbrella we want to help those people who are worried about their hearing to take that first step, offering them all the information they need.

If you are having difficulty hearing you should take a look on Action on Hearing Loss website and you will find all the advice, information and support you need.

They have a Hearing Check designed to help identify people who have hearing loss.

"The hearing check is a ‘speech in-noise’ check. It assesses the ability to hear someone speaking when there’s background noise, similar to being in a crowded room. The advantage of this kind of check is that it checks hearing ability in a real-life way.

During the check a voice repeats sets of three randomly generated numbers for the user to try to hear and key in. The better the person does, the harder the check will become. At the end of the hearing check, a result is given. It does not produce a conventional audiogram".

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