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Firewalk: Do you dare it?

When was the last time we did something that wasn't dangerous, but scared you to death? It is time to roll up your sleeves and take on a great experience!

Next Tuesday 28 February at South Bank from 6 to 8 pm - Riverside Grass, Riverside Walkway, London, SE1 9NH - you can watch us take part or sign up and take advantage of Action on Hearing Loss charity event; let's collaborate supporting people affected by hearing loss.

Rachel, Amanda and Sophie from our team will walk barefoot across 15-feet of red hot wood embers with panoramic riverside views. (not that they will be looking) Why not be part of it?

A motivational talk on self-belief and empowerment will take place before they step out on to the fiery walkway, and a well-earned celebratory drink will be on hand after. We hope to drink and not pour over their feet!



  • Registration fee: £20, or £15 each when registering a team

  • Sponsorship pledge: £75


After registering you'll receive a fundraising pack and a t-shirt – you will be assigned a member of their Events team who’ll support you every (toasty) step of the way!

We will be recording everything to share with you all soon: come back and share our experience :)

So... Do you dare to do it? ha-ha-ha

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