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Deaf Awareness Course at the Shakespeare Globe

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We have been providing Deaf Awareness Training for many years and this time we have been at the Shakespeare Globe (what an amazing place to develop our training course!).

We spent 1 hour with the theatres staff, providing interactive and bespoke training about deaf awareness issues.

Those attending felt they had gained a real understanding of deaf people. We talked about:

  • The physical environment

  • Technical equipment

  • Deaf culture and community

  • Interacting with a deaf person

  • Basic British Sign Language (BSL syntax & grammar)

  • Gesture & Expression

And we provided examples of culture aspects like:

  • Eye contact

  • To point

  • Attract attention by tapping on shoulder, waving, etc...

  • To show facial expressions

  • Clear lip patterns

  • etc...

If you want more information about our Deaf Awareness Training Course (rates, discounts, taster sessions and online option.) you will find it HERE:

Meanwhile you can enjoy the video that we recorded during this session and know what those attending think about the course.


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