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Deaf Awareness Course at the Shakespeare Globe

Updated: Apr 7

We have been providing Deaf Awareness Training for many years and this time we have been at the Shakespeare Globe (what an amazing place to develop our training course!).

We spent 1 hour with the theatres staff, providing interactive and bespoke training about deaf awareness issues.

Those attending felt they had gained a real understanding of deaf people. We talked about:

  • The physical environment

  • Technical equipment

  • Deaf culture and community

  • Interacting with a deaf person

  • Basic British Sign Language (BSL syntax & grammar)

  • Gesture & Expression

And we provided examples of culture aspects like:

  • Eye contact

  • To point

  • Attract attention by tapping on shoulder, waving, etc...

  • To show facial expressions

  • Clear lip patterns

  • etc...

If you want more information about our Deaf Awareness Training Course (rates, discounts, taster sessions and online option.) you will find it HERE:


Meanwhile you can enjoy the video that we recorded during this session and know what those attending think about the course.

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