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Sugar Free February to DECHOX March?

As some of you may have seen I have been taking part in the Sugar Free February in aid of Cancer Research UK. So how did it go you ask? Well, let’s just say it’s been a big challenge.

In my office drawer at work it is not uncommon to see a bag of Minstrels, a packet of biscuits, some breakfast bars, penguins or breakaway bars. I drink tea very rarely with one sugar and coffee regularly with sweeteners. I am a Coke addict and would think nothing of drinking in addition several bottles of Lucozade Orange a week.

Now I type this I am slightly blushing it must be said.

I have been very complacent and lazy it would seem!

So, I decided to keep a food diary to help me stay on track. It has been a revelation. Once deciding what I wanted and then having to write it down, I was struck by how bad my choices would have been and then modified my actions.

Fizzy anything was replaced with water, or green tea and that felt like torture at first but I soon thanked the refreshing qualities both gave me.

I gave away the desk drawer quick fixes and bought fresh fruit to put in the fridge.

I got organised and brought in salads for lunch and walked head high through the petrol garage isles to not look at the chocolate; I can do this my mantra!

And now its over? I feel accomplished and rather proud of myself. I am not inclined to reach for the fizzy drinks – they hold no appeal. Nor sugar in my coffee or any breakfast cereals. Biscuits – what are they? The replacement fruit has been a refreshing change I shall continue, and I’m feeling rather grown up bringing in lunch now :)

I am going to keep up the change in diet; I like it.

The only downside is that the scales haven’t moved; I expected to lose some weight to be honest. But, I may have saved myself from Type 2 Diabetes so a huge Thank You to Sugar Free February; you opened my eyes!! Dechox March - oh come on!

Drop me a line if you have taken the challenge too, I’d love to hear your stories.


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