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Why our team makes Deaf Umbrella great

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Have you ever come to visit us? Or worked with us before?

Deaf Umbrella are one of the top companies providing BSL support staff in London and the South East region - we take away your problems to find good BSL support, and give your deaf clients full access to your services!

We love our job. We love sign language. It is our identity, our culture and our language. The Deaf community is our priority.

Our team is always in continuous growth, they are on a non-stop apprenticeship to get better and better.

If you are wondering who makes up our great team, then you should watch our BSL videos with English subtitles and meet them:

Amanda Turner - Dip RSA MIEP | Office Manager | Phone: 0333 700 7474

Louise Lever - Administration Officer | Phone: 0333 700 7474

Sophie Kennard - Qualified CSW | Phone: 0333 700 7474

We are here to offer you the best solution. Don't take our word for it, read the testimonials that our customers leave us!:

Book our services directly by clicking here:

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