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Art is for all – including Fashion says Sapphire

Hello to All,

My name is Sapphire and Rachel has kindly let me blog my requirement for a signer. Firstly, I seek a fluent signer who can volunteer their skills for my IndieGoGo Campaign Videos, in return for a complete outfit after my funding goal has been met.

Secondly, Art is for All and that includes fashion! I sometimes miss out on Art because my weight fluctuates from a 12 to 20 due to a health condition. I then realised that I'm not the only one who loves the Arts and must miss out due to a physical/health condition:

  1. The blind community can still hear and feel

  2. The deaf community can still see and feel

  3. Women in the outsize category still have confidence

  4. Women on minimum wage still have taste

So why should we miss out? We shouldn't!

If a Deaf person chooses to shop with us the Store will have Retail Assistants that can communicate fluently with deaf customers via BSL. I also believe that no Fashion Brand nor company has yet to pay and price fairly!

I've started an IndieGoGo campaign to provide the option within Fashion in the UK. I've Watched the Body Positive Movement Flourish and UK Women are ready for a change in the Fashion Industry. Once funded Fashion inclusion will be a reality.

Together we can make history and leave a legacy: Look at what I am doing and contact me if you can help interpret the videos:

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