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You will love our new way of working, we assure you!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hard-work and a investment in IT with the main objective to upgrade the way of engaging with customers and workers in 2017.

We are proud and eager to show you this new online and real-time availability software that will improve the lives of workers and customers. With this new system we will go forward with the latest technology.

Workers be able to manage:

  • Their diary

  • Their bookings and time sheets

  • Customer details and travel

And our customers will be able to:

  • Make a request for support

  • Ask for specific worker through visualisation profiles

  • Check the bookings they have made

  • Know how much they are spending


What are you waiting for download the app?

Our software is available on mobile, computer, tablet, etc... and is easy to use! DOWNLOAD NOW

Any questions? We will be happy to address any concerns.

Put in contact now with us through:

Website: www.deafumbrella.com/contact

Tel: 0333 700 7474

Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and don't miss our

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