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If you are a parent, you ought to know how to improve the communication with your baby

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Here at Deaf Umbrella we are fascinated by Baby Signing so went to find out more….

What is baby signing?

It is a fun way to communicate with your baby before they develop speech.

Babies' brains are like sponges, ready to absorb anything. This is the best moment to teach them simple words that will help them to communicate, and reduce any anxiety and frustration.

By learning signs for words babies will recognise important words sooner and use the signs to “talk” before they speak.

From birth, babies communicate through the crying, smiling or a way of looking... and when they grow up they use their ​​hands; pointing, grabbing, clapping, blow kisses...

Therefore signs and gestures are important and why "Sing and Sign" was developed by speech and language professionals and recommended by experts as a programme to support your baby to learn sign language words and improve commmunication.

By doing this your baby will:

  • Learn to talk sooner

  • Improve their vocabulary

  • Reduce their communication difficulties

  • Enhance their self-esteem

Teaching sign language to your baby won't interfere in the oral language development. Instead of that, the baby will develop memory skills and together you can establish a stronger emotional link.

Teaching Sign Language to your baby will to add to your communication, not to subtract.

Watch this interview with Kim from one of Britain's longest running baby signing programmes Sing and Sign, a baby sign language teacher, and find out about her experiences.

Have you ever used this system? How was the experience? Leave us your comment.


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