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We are waiting for your best summer pic...

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The longest day of the year is just around the corner!

Summer solstice is the first day of summer and pessimist people starts grumbling about the fact that the days will soon be getting shorter... But at Deaf Umbrella we love this season and we want to celebrate this with a photography competition.

You just have to share your best summer pic; it could be a sunset, a tea ceremony, a summer solstice yoga class, a BBQ with friends...

Take advantage of these lovely sunny days and share with us your best shot. You just have to upload your picture to this event on Facebook:

THE BEST ONE will be shared on our social networks and will win a bouquet of flowers. Take part now and good luck!

Share your best pic of your Summer Solstice Day


We've received some really nice pictures (some of them have made us a little bit jealous!😂). The Deaf Umbrella team have voted... and the winner of the Best Summer Pic is:

🏆Milly Slobotham🏆


We will put in contact with you to send you a bouquet 💐


Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and don't miss our Deaf Umbrella TV YouTube channel!!

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