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Male Or Female - Lifesaver Steps To Follow

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The main objective is to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. Did you know that during this month more than 4,000 UK women will discover they have developed breast cancer? And nearly 1,000 more will die from the disease... A sobering thought.

Breast cancer in men is rare, with around 350 men diagnosed each year in the UK and 80 men die from breast cancer in the UK every year.

The importance of an earlier diagnosis is fundamental to improve your chances of beating it.

You will be aware of how your breasts look and feel normally, so we want to share with you some tips to look out for any unusual changes in your breasts, and therefore making you aware that you should get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of breast cancer in men:

  • a lump in the breast – this is usually hard, painless and doesn't move around within the breast

  • the nipple turning inwards (inverted nipple)

  • fluid oozing from the nipple (nipple discharge), which may be streaked with blood

  • a sore or rash around the nipple that doesn't go away

  • the nipple or surrounding skin becoming hard, red or swollen

  • small bumps in the armpit (swollen glands)

If you want to read more about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer or make a donation you can click these links:


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