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New Year, New Experience

There are many of you who have missed our CIC service since the DWP funding was withdrawn and the programme closed in February of this year. With this service we supported members of the deaf community with all aspects of preparing for work.

We have not stopped receiving enquiries about the programme from DEAs and other JCP staff on a regular basis.

We are acutely aware of the need for this programme, so, the decision has been taken…, we are biting the bullet…, we are taking the plunge!

With effect from January 2018 a revised CIC programme will be on offer to JCP clients who are eager to gain employment and just need that extra helping hand along the road to success!

Deaf Umbrella CIC - Pre-employment Support

  • New opening hours (Tuesdays from 1 to 4pm & Fridays from 10am to 1pm)

  • Video service for clients who may not be able to reach us

  • Workshops on Universal Job Match, interview techniques, access to work support, and so much more between now and the January launch.

As you all know, all the information is provided in British Sign Language for those whose first language is BSL.

We count with Louise (Level 3 BSL & trainee Level 4 CSW) and Sally (Level 6 Senior CSW) as CIC support workers.

Also, we are looking for volunteers (deaf or hearing) who want to join us on this new project to assist deaf people on every step of the way on their pre-employment journey.

Candidates will support activities working with Deaf Umbrella staff while improving their sign language and must have a minimum of Level 2 BSL.

Volunteer BSL - Improve  Skills

Please help us to promote this much needed service and contact the Office for full details.


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