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New? Facebook Changes? Whaaaat!! Tell me…

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Change happens, we cannot fight against them, just face them in the best and wisest way possible and always with a smile in our face! :)

As you already know, Facebook has changed their news feed, so if you follow a page on Facebook, for example the Deaf Umbrella page, you will probably stop seeing our news! Outrageous I know!! From now, you will be more likely to see your family and friends notifications... harrumph!

Now, that obviously in not too bad, but for those enterprises that have used Facebook as the main social media channel to get to our customers, it is a low blow. We would appear on your news feed if we pay for our publications. Oh man, that's unfair! No thanks!

Facebook for all of us is an easy channel where we follow those pages who are or maybe of interest to us. We share our opinions and see the very latest interesting news. Of course it’s also a channel where we spend relaxing moments watching funny cat videos; isn't it? You do that right?!

Well, these changes won't get us down. Not us… We have created two groups for you where you can post all your relevant information and we post ours related with deaf support, accessible YouTube channel, deaf community, deaf blog post, etc...


Deaf Employment Group Facebook by Deaf Umbrella

  • And if you want to receive notifications about our work, deaf awareness, sign language interpreter services, BSL videos, etc... click here: DEAF UMBRELLA GROUP

Deaf Umbrella Facebook Group

You can also feel free to collaborate with any relevant information; we like to know you are out there!

We hope you enjoy these new groups, see you around there soon! :)


Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and don't miss our Deaf Umbrella TV YouTube channel!!

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