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Snow Day = Productive Day?

Again we have woken up to yet more snow and weather warnings.

Most of us probably have unplanned days off as schools and colleges announce their closure, train companies switch to a reduced service and the roads are treacherous. This probably means plans of pyjama days, watching films in the cosy warm or braving the outside for snowball fights and snowmen making with our families and friends.

For me, though, this is a divine opportunity to make full use of this extra unexpected time. I will be ticking things off of my ‘to do’ list that I have been putting off for days. Usually this list would be attempted in the evenings after a long day at work but I am changing that routine (for now) to make use of this snow day.

Personally, I will be practicing and studying for an up-coming BSL level 6 exam and squeezing in some exercise time. Maybe you also have a ‘to do’ list that could use your attention? It may look different to mine but if you were to use this extra time to tick off a few of those chores, I’m sure you will be thankful for the snow later. Maybe you have some paperwork to catch up on or some housework to do? Being productive feels good and will make the leisure and relaxation time, feel even better.

On this day off, although I am going to be more productive than usual, I still plan to enjoy the snow and relax once I have completed some of my tasks. The aim is by the end of the day, to be able to look back and say with confidence, I’ve achieved something.


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