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British Summer Time – is it worth it?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Clocks go forward BST

At 01:00:00 on Sunday, March 25, British Summer Time (or as our American cousins call it - Daylight Saving Time) will begin. We’ll turn our clocks forward by 1 hour to Sunday, March 25, 02:00:00 and the change will push sunsets later into the evenings hours and there will be more light in the evening as we head towards the Longest Day on Thursday 21st June 2018. Summer is on its way folks!

Remember the old saying “Spring forward, Fall back”? If you do not adjust your alarm clock you will lose an hour’s sleep! On the other hand, the good news is that if you work a night shift, you will get away with working 1 hour less that day!

All in all, not a bad deal eh?

Some people do question whether BST is worth it… By changing our clocks will we save energy? This is the ongoing debate...

In fact, BST doesn’t save energy, and what is more, it actually costs money!

After the clocks change, most people feel tired and that decreases productivity, concentration, and general well-being due to disruption of our internal body clocks or circadian rhythm. Lack of sleep or depression can be triggered and these are amongst some of the more unfortunate side-effects.

However - Don’t panic and let’s think in positive:

We will enjoy longer evenings, which will increase our active lifestyle. By changing the clocks, we add 1 hour of natural daylight to our afternoon schedule and we will be able to take part in more outdoor activities after work (eg soccer, running, golf…) – whatever takes your fancy as the weather improves.

Bye bye artificial light. We will all be enjoying longer hours of natural light.

We are also statistically safer during the lighter evenings. BST contributes to a reduction in pedestrian fatalities and lower car accidents rates. Also, there are studies that have found a decrease in robberies…

This is a boost for the local economy.

Longer nights mean more people shopping after work, more time to go to restaurants or other outside events.

Promises of summer and freedom. That’s the best part. BST brings new plans for massive barbecues, pool parties, campfires, outside sports, enjoy of the beach/lakes…

All things considered, this is definitely it worth for me! Ok, maybe I will need a few days to restore my body clock… but well… there is no gain without pain after all! What do you think?


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