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Disrespect NOBODY

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Have you ever sent an explicit image from a phone or via email? Has someone made you do something you don’t want to, made you feel scared, intimidated or tried controlling you? If yes, you should know that THIS IS DISRESPECTFUL, IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE AND IS NEVER OK.

We are in the midst of the "Disrespect NoBody" campaign. The campaign will run until the beginning of May 208 and the aim is to prevent young people (boys and girls aged 12-18 years old), from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships.

This year the focus of the campaign is based on the issues many young people need more education and information on such as:


  • Sexual consent is mutual agreement without pressure

  • Just because your partner has consented to sex once, it doesn't mean they will again

  • Sex without consent is rape. Rape is a crime.

2. SEXTING (explicit image sent from a phone or via email)

  • It's never OK to pressure someone to send a sext

  • No one should make you feel like you have to send a set

  • You can't control who sees or shares a sext. Protect yourself online!


  • Consent is about more than just sex; it's about knowing what the other person is happy with and respecting that

  • Groping or touching someone in a sexual way when they don't want you to or making sexual comments about someone is sexual harassment. Is it not acceptable and it's never OK

You can help support the campaign by downloading and sharing the promotional material HERE, and also on Twitter #disrespectnobody.

The suggested tweets are as follows:

"Disrespectful and unacceptable behaviour can come in many forms. It isn’t limited to just physical behaviour; it can also go way beyond that. For example, it’s not OK for someone to try and pressure you into sending a nude pic, or to expect the same things to happen that they’ve seen in a porn film. If someone makes you do something you don’t want to, makes you feel scared, intimidated or tries controlling you, it’s not acceptable and is never OK."

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