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Nine Foot Nine; An Inclusive Play

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

"A theatre company specialised in inclusive theatre that works with performers and creatives that identify as D/deaf or disabled and provides access technologies for audience." This is how Sleepless Theatre Company introduces itself...

The company aims to offer an inclusive, accessible environment for all - not only enabling everyone to be able to work on or watch their theatre, but to make everyone feel welcome too.

"We feel like access is something that should be on everyone's radar, but trying to convince people to go the extra mile in an industry which is generally so tough and alienating is incredibly tricky. There's such a stigma surrounding people that identify as D/deaf, disabled or neurodiverse, so many people are worried about getting it 'wrong' they feel it's better not to start at all. But in order to learn we have to be wrong, we have to make mistakes and have the freedom to try again, getting better and better each time we try - companies need to be not afraid of failing." - says Helena Jackson, Artistic Director, Sleepless Theatre Company

Sleepless Theatre Company's most recent play is "Nine Foot Nine", Alex Wood's award-nominated debut play, that explores gender, power and society in a dystopic future is premiering at The Bunker Theatre (London Bridge) this June:

Nine Foot Nine Play

Nate and Cara are a hard-working young couple looking to start a family. Together they’re bumbling through the daunting world of pregnancy tests, maternity clothes and flat pack cot building, all the while trying to come to grips with the terrifying responsibility of having to create an actual tiny human person. That is until, suddenly, inexplicably, agonizingly, a vast proportion of all the women in the world start the grow – centimeter by centimeter, foot by foot, with science powerless to stop them.

The world is in disarray, the entire structure upon which communities are built grinds to a shuddering halt. The awareness that women are now physically more powerful than men sends shockwaves through society, fracturing age-old assumptions and prejudices. How do political regimes react? What will happen to industry, media, families, sex? And, more importantly, what comes next?

The entire run of Nine Foot Nine will be captioned, and as such they are particularly trying to reach out to audiences that identify as D/deaf to come and enjoy the show. Also it is good to remember that The Bunker Theatre is wheelchair accessible!

Nine Foot Nine is opening on the 11th June and running till 5th July, on Mondays and Thursdays at 8:30pm.

If you identify as D/deaf, disabled or neuro-diverse please don’t hesitate to contact them with any access requirements:


Bunker Theatre, Breaking Out Season, 53A Southwark Street.

Ticket prices £10-£18 – Book here:


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