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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Just because you follow our social media channels, like👍 or love our post, just because you read each blog and share our information...

I think you deserve to access to our media information and see our 2018' statistics. We went to share this information with you because we are proud of it; after all you made it possible! 😊

Did you know that our main social media channel is Facebook? We are like a big family that every year grows bigger! In 2018, 1523 new followers joined us on Facebook! Thank you to each and every one of you!

Our Twitter account went mad last year! We tweeted more than 900 times and more than half of our tweets have had a reaction, eg

"retweets", "likes" or "comments". Did you know you mentioned us more than 400 times! Thank you!

Almost 590 Instagrammers have joined our Deaf Umbrella account during 2018. You like the "behind-the-scenes" pictures, don't you? Thank you all!

Our fully accessible YouTube channel have received more than 12K views last year and our "Top Videos" are the Deaf Awareness Week 2017 and Deaf Awareness Week 2018. Thank you!

Are you a blog post reader? I bet you didn't miss any of our 5 most popular post during 2018:

  1. "Deaf Awareness for all" - Read

  2. "Tinnitus; is there a light at the end of the tunnel?" - Read

  3. "Sign Language Week 2018; Let's sign!" - Read

  4. "9 Deaf vloggers you can’t miss (the 4th is brilliant!)" - Read

  5. "Start saving stamps for Canine Partners charity" - Read

And what can I say about our website! Oh, we are so proud of our numbers!

The 86% of users that visit us in 2018 were new visitors, and they found us by organic search. Did I mention that we don't promote or pay for advertising Deaf Umbrella?

You were interested in our "Homepage", followed by the "Work With Us" page, then the "Contact Us" page and also you found us because of our "Job Club" page.

However, not happy enough with this, we recently received the exciting news that we are shortlisted for the "Online Business Award" by The Royal Borough of Greenwich!

This award recognises businesses with a well designed, easy to navigate website, that have good integration with social media (wish us good luck for the 15th of February!).

What can we say but THANK YOU all again for your time and your support.

We promise to keep our good working practices, our enthusiasm for our task and determination to spread quality and relevant information and deaf awareness.

Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and don't miss our Deaf Umbrella TV YouTube channel!!

Connect with us on LinkedIn now.

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