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[HOW TO BE A CSW Course] Summer Term

Updated: Mar 18

Improve, go further, never give up. BE UNSTOPPABLE!

We are focusing on improving your support strategies and helping to polish up your skills.

  • Are you a BSL Level 2 and working with Deaf people?

  • Are you already using CSW skills?

  • If you are working in an educational environment with deaf students, why not take advantage of our up-coming course?!

Due to the great success of our first course during February Half Term we have rolled up our sleeves, polished up our programme content and re-launched our programme. This excellent course will run again in the Summer term (July 2019). We will offer you a 3-day course on "How to be a CSW".

If you already had a training plan – maybe we could tempt you to change your mind and join us? Please see our wonderful reviews from the last course!

There will be two different groups:

  • 1st Group: Monday 8th | Tuesday 9th | Wednesday 10th July (online) - FULLY BOOKED

  • 2nd Group: Wednesday 10th | Thursday 11th | Friday 12th July (online) - FULLY BOOKED

The two first days Deaf Umbrella will host the event at Hudson Building SE10 8EA. The final day will be an online training course.



  • Working as a CSW – What does it involve?

  • Preparation Techniques and the Importance of being prepared

  • Supporting Information – Student/Tutor

  • Feedback & Individual Learning Plans

  • Deaf Awareness Micro Teaching

  • Continuing Professional Development – CPD

  • CSW Resource List


  • Introduction to the classroom: Gaining Clarification, Guidelines and Rules, Dress Code & Kitbag

  • Educating the educator

  • Text Modification

  • Notetaking

  • Glossaries & coursework support

  • Handling Nerves

DAY 3 - Online Training

  • Safe Guarding Training

  • Prevent Training

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Exams

The price is: £197

Do you need more information? Contact us by email: office@deafumbrella.com

Wanting to join the course? Click HERE and BOOK YOUR PLACE.

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