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Spark your Imagination! Surprise yourself! Learn Sign Language!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

As the long, lazy days of summer approach us, many of us end up with time on our hands. This could be the perfect season to learn something new, gain a skill that can expand our own minds and do something useful into the bargain!

Workplace Sign Language Course Deaf Umbrella BSL

Whether through self-learning, attending classes or working as a volunteer, this could be a great opportunity not only to help others but to set yourself on a new path of discovery! - You can join our brand new Workplace Sign Language Course - You never know, a new career may beckon?

Exciting, isn't it?

If we had a £1 for everyone who says “BSL? I always wanted to learn sign language!” (or something along these lines) we would be wealthy indeed! It is a phrase that is often repeated, but many do nothing about achieving this goal.

So, why not take the opportunity to do something inspiring – enrol in a learning programme and gain that new skill you’ve often talked about.

Go on – we dare you!

Keep reading and you will understand why this is such a great idea!

Good mental health. Yes, it’s a fact! It has been proven that learning a new language can actually increase brain capacity and the ability to memorise. It can also delay the brain’s aging processes and keep you mentally agile and alert. That has to be a bonus, doesn’t it?!

Respect. When visiting a foreign country, we often try to learn a little of the language as a sign of respect for its people. Why not afford that same level of respect to the Deaf Community within the UK – it is BRITISH sign language after all?!

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Get to know the Deaf Community. Community spirit is very much alive and kicking in the deaf world! Come and join in! Develop your own awareness of the rich culture and traditions within the d/Deaf world. By doing this, you will enhance your own personal experiences and develop an empathy and understanding for a whole new world!

Sign language is art. Anyone who has ever seen a signed performance of a play, poetry reading or concert will know that BSL truly is an art form. It is beautiful to watch and adds a whole new dynamic to any performance. Say it with Sign – always!

Speak without words. As with any good story, tales told in sign language create vivid images in the mind and can take you to amazing places. Check this out!

The BSL Burn. Yes, it’s true! All those extra facial expressions, hand movements and gestures and all aspects of body language will indeed burn a few extra calories!

Be private - in public. Sign language can help you to communicate in a more discreet way – say what you want, when you want – and only a select few will understand you.

Please don't shout. Discussions through glass, under water or across a crowded room all suddenly become a possibility! The video clip demonstrates this perfectly as Jordan Bell’s team (the Golden State Warriors) won the NBA Championship ….

Don't speak with your mouth full. Go on – eat up and speak with your hands!

Shhh! Signing in a designated “quiet area” like a library, cinema, theatre, helps you communicate without disturbing your neighbours’ enjoyment.

May the force be with you! Practice makes perfect; the more you use it, the better your sign language skills become and the more confident in your communication you will be. Your reading of body language will automatically improve – become an expert in non-verbal communication!

What other reasons do you need? Admit it, you have to agree, we’ve sparked an interest haven’t we?


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