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Deaf student for September; you won't be alone

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Still deciding what to study this September? Not sure where to find an accessible environment? Afraid of not having a good experience and/or a lack of support?


If you live in the South East and need 1-2-1 BSL (British Sign Language) support, then LSEC Colleges is your solution.

London South East Colleges welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and proudly celebrate the diversity of their students, staff and stakeholders promotioning fully equality and eliminating discrimination.

Hairdressing, electrician, ESOL, Travel & Tourism, etc... You will find all the facilities and support in a variety of subjects and vocational training.

They will help you with course information, making an application, and enrolling at College for all their full and part time courses.

We at Deaf Umbrella have been supporting deaf and hard of hearing students at LSEC over 10 years. Deaf Umbrella - We've you covered!

Contact us by email at or contact the LSEC College for further information at

Talking about inclusion and accessibility, we would like to mention the brilliant NDCS’ "Look, Smile, Chat" campaign, which main objective is to reach hearing teenagers and help break down the communication barriers.

Have an excellent start of the academic year!

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