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Baby sign book; An opportunity to experience BSL in playful new ways

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The book is called "Where is the Bird?" and will be launched on Friday 11th October. This book has won two prestigious awards and the Bookseller Futurebook has reviewed it as "the only product to use British Sign Language (BSL) in conjunction with augmented reality (AR) technology."

Any parent knows that their baby has complex thoughts and needs that they want to convey before they can use their voice. Learning to speak is difficult and can be frustrating for parent and child.

Baby sign language helps you develop your relationship with your baby and bridge the gap, helping children communicate complex concepts earlier. You can get a better understanding of what they want and need, and knowing that you understand them makes your baby feel closer to you too.

"Where is the Bird?" inspires and empowers all parents, deaf and hearing, and gives them the opportunity to grow up learning simple British Sign Language and benefit from this rich and expressive language.

The buggy book + smartphone app is designed to be quickly and easily accessed thanks to its portable design.

Turn the pages and wake up magical illustrations that pop-up out of the pages as colourful 3D animations before being paired with video demonstrations of a BSL sign.

You can find tips on how to use the book and learn Baby BSL HERE

To download their FREE app, simply search for ‘Baby BSL’ on the App Store or GooglePlay.


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