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Purple Tuesday - The importance of the disabled customer

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Have you heard about "Purple Tuesday"?

We wanted to write a blog post talking about this international call to action. The main objective of Purple Tuesday in the UK is to celebrate the Purple Pound, focused on changing the customer experience for disabled people.

Across the UK, the Purple Pound - the consumer spending power of disabled people and their families - is worth £249 billion. Let us just say that again…. £249 BILLION!

Purple Tuesday is about creating awareness of the needs of disabled customers, and making the customer experience accessible, all year round, not just for one day.

Whether you are a large multinational or a family-run business, you will always want to deliver a good customer experience, for all your customer base. With such spending power, it was be an unwise business that chooses to ignore the Purple Pound.

If you want to implement positive changes to improve the customer experience for your disabled clients, there are many ways you can do this for little to no cost.

Let us show you how….

  • Turn your own building "purple" or even your online logo purple, for the day.​

  • Get involved on social media and run marketing campaigns to raise awareness. Use the hashtag #PurpleTuesday

  • Tell your staff why Purple Tuesday is so important. Remember that £249 BILLION… spending power speaks volumes!

  • Arrange events to encourage your disabled customers to get involved.

  • Assistive technology will help you to create an inclusive environment for end-users, improving accessibility and customer satisfaction. Click here to know more: Equipment - DISCOUNT AVAILABLE ON THE FIRST ORDER. GET YOUR CODE!

  • Work on your website to help disabled people to fully access to your information.

  • Train your staff to learn some key words and phrases in British Sign Language.

  • Promote awareness of hidden disabilities through the adoption of the "Not every disability is visible" signage.

Purple Tuesday reached


people in 2018.

If your organisation wants to take part in this campaign, there is a bespoke package. Click here to learn more:

Deaf Awareness Training for Companies by Deaf Umbrella

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