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We are waiting for your best Christmas pet pic!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Christmas is just around the corner! At Deaf Umbrella we love this season and we want to celebrate this with a Christmas pets photo contest.

You just have to share the best Christmas pic of your pet; it could be on its jumper, playing with its Christmas toy, or, why not, peeing on your Christmas tree! We want to see your pet´s very best Christmas moments.

To take part on the contest you have to send us your best picture by uploading it on this event on Facebook:

If you don´t have Facebook, you can use any of our social media channels: Instagram, Twitter or by email to

The winner will be announced on the 10th of December, the day that we celebrate our Christmas Jumper Day! The picture will be shared on our social networks and the winner -your pet- ;) will be rewarded with a personalised bowl and also a Christmas treat... YUMMY

And also for you, a free copy of the novel "The Me Too Girl" from Lance Morcan (Author of "Silent Fear").

We are eager to see your Christmas pets! Take part now and good luck!

Christmas Jumper Day Deaf Umbrella - Donation
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