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A positive work place, a wonderful support and an award under his arm

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Wow! What a fantastic evening! 😊

I was lucky enough to communicate for Andrew Martin, at the annual King’s Hospital Awards. It was a very posh event at the Oval, London. Everyone wore evening wear, we had champagne and a lovely three course meal.

The chocolate tarte was my favourite!

The Awards were a celebration of all the different teams, and the fantastic work that they do at the Hospital.

Andrew's team have a very important job, preparing and filing patients notes. He has worked hard in his new role, and is an important member of the team.

They are such a fantastic team, that they won an award!!!

Deaf Umbrella provided Andrew's team with Deaf Awareness Training, and he helps his colleagues with their signing. This is why they won their award 🙂

Andrew's team want him included in everything that they do, and provide a really positive work place.

Andrew, his colleagues, managers and his Deaf Umbrella communicators work as one team.

The award is proof that it doesn't matter if you're Deaf. If you have the right support, and positive people around you, can do anything you want to.

Deaf Awareness Training for Companies by Deaf Umbrella

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