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7 BSL channels and Deaf v/bloggers that kept me engaged during the pandemic!

During the pandemic, social media has come into its own. Even for those who were not previously users of this medium, it has become a lifeline for self-expression, a way to converse with others during lockdown about topics that affect their lives, it enables us to share experiences, to be able to talk fearlessly about our everyday lives and own stories and take comfort from the experiences of others.

The poor accessibility of information and new communication barriers, such as the facemasks, have prompted a strong campaign for Deaf Awareness and signed videos and the introduction of captions on videos – which can only be a good thing to take forward post lockdown.

I would like to highlight my favourite Deaf v/bloggers and BSL channels that have kept me hooked during this lockdown and that you should get to know:


With more than 35K followers on Facebook the BSL Zone produces excellent TV programmes and short films in British Sign Language for Deaf people, made by Deaf people.


Louise is a Deaf advocate whose main goal isto help break down misconceptions surrounding deafness and mental health issues through her videos. Louise intends to raise awareness of the daily challenges and successes of herself as a deaf individual.


Jazzy is a deaf YouTuber, she is profoundly deaf in both ears. Her first language is British Sign Language, she uploads the videos she signs with the subtitles on, so everybody can understand what she says. She already has 205K subscribers on YouTube!


He is a male stylist and lifestyle v/blogger based in the UK. Through his fashion brand he raised deaf awareness during the pandemic with pin badges to remind the public to be aware, patient and kind. If you love your fashion and beauty tips, follow him!


This beautiful British lady is a TV presenter and producer in the UK and via her personal channel on YouTube she shares "her sunny outlook on life, a love of Old Hollywood, general gayness and makes moves with BSL to cheesy songs- because you don't need to hear to know something it's amazing!"


Liam O'Dell is a deaf freelance blogger and journalist specialising in deafness, disability and social media. from Bedfordshire in the UK. He is a regular contributor to the deaf news blog The Limping Chicken and his work has also been featured in Metro UK, The i and Independent. On YouTube, he makes videos about theatre, lifestyle, music, current affairs and life as a deaf young person.

And last but not least, allow me an exception:


She is not deaf. She is a BSL interpreter and passionate about sign language and living a healthy lifestyle. During coronavirus breakdown she set up this Instagram page to keep using her sign language skills and create accessible healthy contents:

Hope you have enjoyed this list of Deaf v/bloggers. Who was the one who had you captured during lockdown?

We would love to have your comments!


British Sign Language and Deaf Awareness online training by Deaf Umbrella

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