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Develop a Super Power - why learning sign language will make you awesome

Updated: Mar 19

If you are still thinking about doing something new, exciting and meaningful, that could improve your mind and wellbeing and gain you a new skill into the bargain, I would highly recommend learning SIGN LANGUAGE.

You may wonder "Why Sign Language?", but we have some excellent reasons for embracing this change for 2024 – just keep reading!

  • You will be able to speak with your face-mask on and still be understood.

  • Communicate easily through a closed window or at a distance with ease.

  • It will help you to communicate with children during their early development years. It is also proven to help children develop their language and communication skills too!

  • It can supplement any visual cues that your deaf dog has learned.

  • You will be able to talk at a distance or across a crowded room without yelling.

  • Speaking in Sign Language will automatically enhance your communication skills.

  • You could speak with your mouth full without being rude.

  • You will be able to quietly chat at the movies without making any noise.

  • Learning Sign Language will help you to develop an understanding of deafness and Deaf Culture⁠.

  • You will successfully cross "learn a foreign language" out from your to do list.

  • You will help to #StopAudism

  • Communicating underwater will be a piece of cake. You can also eat cake and “speak” at the same time!

  • Your peripheral vision and body language skills will be boosted.

  • You will be mastering an amazing 3D language.

  • Brain, ear, hand and eye co-ordination will become better.

  • You will get to know really interesting people and meet new friends from the Deaf Community.

So, if the answer to your question "Why sign language?" has turned into "Why NOT sign language?" after reading these eye-opening reasons, congratulations! You are entering in a whole new world where you will learn a way to communicate in a rich language that will help you become truly awesome!

Would you like to share with us your reasons for learning sign language?


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