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Thank you for helping to spread the word – Our messages are powerful because of you!

It is always very satisfying to share good news, and it is even more satisfying when this is delivered along with a big "THANK YOU".

2020 has been a year to forget, we can all agree on that! We have had to dig deep, find the very best within ourselves to fight against a pandemic, a lockdown and the terrifying self-isolation that comes alongside both of these.

The Deaf Umbrella social media channels have been trying to be as creative as we could in order to bring you a variety of high-quality content, excellent fresh ideas, breaking news, good information and lots of deaf awareness, which all led our feeds in order to stay virtually closer to you.

All the effort we made was worthwhile and we are delighted to announce that our social media statistics have beaten all expectations! There has been lots of engagement from you and many new followers have joined our networks. The total of our social media usage during lockdown increased by 21%!


Despite the lockdown and the self-isolation, we did our best to spread Deaf Awareness and reach as many people as we could.

Our theme for the Deaf Awareness Week campaign was #StopAudism. We filmed short clips with real situations that the Deaf Community have to face day by day (watch the #StopAudism campaign here).

The analysed statistic after the campaign were unexpected and very positive!

  • We reached almost 300K people

  • We gained more than 800 new followers on our social media channels

  • The posts engagements were up 300%

Thank you so much for helping us spread Deaf Awareness again this year!


We have been supporting a number of social campaigns and our top ones were (and still are):


Our Blog received a monthly average of 800 visits, and the top 5 of the most read blog post for 2020 were:


We love knowing that you are all out there! By simply interacting with our posts, you will be helping us to stand out and be noticed.

So, how can you help?

  • Like, comment on and share our posts, it will get Deaf Umbrella "in front" of more people ❤✎✉

  • Write a review, it will help to show the brand is trusted.

  • Sign up to the Newsletters to stay up to date.

  • Send us a personal message, it will put a smile on our face and will motivate us to keep going ㋡.

And, again, thank you. THANK YOU for trusting in us and for staying with us, even through the darkest days of 2020.

These "numbers" help us know that we are doing well and you find our contents interesting, informative, educational and of high-quality.

You are making this happen – help spread the Word.


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