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Pack your hearing aid travel care kit this holiday!

Are you tired of worrying about the maintenance of your hearing aids while on the go? Look no further! Take a look to this portable hearing aid care kit – your ideal companion for a weekend escape or a short getaway.

Picture this: You are on a much-awaited camping trip, surrounded by nature's beauty, with no electrical outlets in sight. Your hearing aids need some attention, but you are unsure how to keep them in top-notch condition without access to power. Fret not!

Connevan's travel kit is here to the rescue, designed to ensure your hearing aids stay in excellent shape, even in the great outdoors.

The updated version of their popular weekender kit now offers an array of features that cater to all your hearing aid care needs. This self-contained wonder comes equipped with a host of tools that require no electricity, making it perfect for camping enthusiasts and caravanners alike.

What's Inside the Kit?

  1. Re-usable drying tub and drying capsules: Combat condensation in your earmoulds and tubing with our handy drying tub and four drying capsules.

  2. Tool with wax pick, brush, and battery magnet: A versatile toolset for hearing aid care. The wire loop helps clear wax, the brush keeps your hearing aids clean, and the magnet ensures easy battery insertion.

  3. Vent cleaner: Keep your hearing aid tubes clear and functional with this vent cleaning tool, suitable for most hearing aid tubes.

  4. Earmould puffer: Blow away debris and condensation from your hearing aid tubes using this trusty puffer.

  5. Cleaning wipes: Ten cleaning wipes that efficiently clean your hearing aids and earmoulds.

  6. Blue drawstring cotton bag: Store all your kit essentials safely in this drawstring bag. There's even space for your additional items like spare hearing aid batteries or hand sanitizer.

Suitable for all types and sizes of hearing instruments, this compact and lightweight kit is your go-to companion for maintaining crystal-clear hearing, wherever you wander.

Not just for holidays - A helping hand in Hospitals

Apart from being your trusted travel companion, this kit proves invaluable during hospital stays or can be provided to patients for their hearing aid care needs. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it an ideal aid in various situations.

The power of portable hearing care awaits you

At Connevans, they believe that everyone deserves seamless hearing experiences, no matter where life takes them. Their portable hearing aid care kit embodies their commitment to empowering you to explore the world with confidence, knowing your hearing aids are in their prime.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of unbridled hearing freedom? Say goodbye to worries about hearing aid maintenance during your escapades. Embrace the simplicity, convenience, and efficiency of this portable hearing aid care kit.

Contact Connevans today!

For more information don't hesitate to get in touch! Their friendly team is eager to assist you on your quest for exceptional hearing experiences.

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