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Recruitment notice; Become a member of the BSL Advisory Board

After the passing of the British Sign Language (BSL) Act 2022, and giving BSL the legal recognition it deserves, now is the time to help with the implementation of the Act.

As a BSL signer, you can now become a member of the BSL Advisory Board and

  • guide Government Departments on understanding their duties under the new legislation

  • support Departments in their use of BSL across all areas of public communications

  • publicly report on the progress

This is a new and unique opportunity to help Government services to be more accessible to Deaf people.

They are currently recruiting people with experience of:

  • signing BSL as their first language, as a Deaf person

  • signing BSL as their second language as a parent of Deaf child(ren) or as a child of Deaf adult (CODA)

  • working as a qualified and registered interpreter or translator

  • working for an organisation which represents, supports or advocates for BSL signers

  • working with Deaf children and young people as a Teacher using BSL

  • using tactile or hands-on BSL as a first or primary language

If you want to help to create a more inclusive and accessible society, please consider applying for a position on the Board.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 2 September 2022.

BSL information on how to apply and what will happen:

Need more information on how to apply?

  • Email:

  • WhatsApp: 07871 989325

  • Glide: @BSLBoard

Recruitment notice

The role of board members and co-chairperson


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