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Spring has sprung in our new space!

We have a new home!

How exciting that we have moved into a new office in Gravesend. Having spent time since the lockdown all working from home it is a welcome change to get back to what we know, working together as a team.

When I think back to our ten years in Sidcup, five years in Bexley then five years in Deptford it is with fond memories of all the service users who visited us and gained work, the staff who came, learned, and moved on to build amazing careers, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

The bright and new office is a welcome haven from the front room I can tell you! Everything back to having a set space, somewhere for visitors to come and see us, and an energising and airy space for us to work. It’s nice to hear Amanda and Elisa discussing ideas, and service users seeing us all together via Zoom or Teams. It is also great to feel like we are back to being that forward-thinking business offering knowledge and support to our clients.

We are now walking distance from the town centre with its great shops and a dozen cafés and restaurants. We can all take advantage of what’s on offer and I am sure this will make a difference to our mental health too! We are huge advocates of our community; I am excited that we will be able to highlight this in Gravesend too.

We are still settling in; some logos are needed on walls and perhaps some artwork too? But we are incredibly excited to be in our new space.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and worked with us through the pandemic, I want to give a special shout out to our hard-working interpreters, and office staff who have done an amazing job of keeping things as normal as possible throughout this journey.

Right then, who’s for a cup of tea?


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