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Super Bowl first Deaf black woman ASL performer Justina Milest goes viral

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Justina Miles, 20, made history at Super Bowl pre-game and halftime shows with her attitude and high-energy signing – and she didn’t disappoint.

It’s an important moment “not only for me to share this experience with the whole world,” she said, “but to really bring that empowerment to millions and millions of Black deaf people all over the country who’ve never really seen that before. I feel that is truly lifting every voice, even my voice.”

“I value the opportunity to make it possible for all deaf people to enjoy these songs, and not have them miss out on the full Super Bowl experience”

She caught the attention of audiences not only for her translations but also for her killer dance moves that rivalled that of Rihanna herself. She just owned it, and, allow me to say, that this is addictive for everyone!

Viewers at home and social media users across the globe have praised Justina’s high-energy performance at the Super Bowl 2023:

Thanks to all the deaf performers for your brilliant work showing the world the beauty of sign language.

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