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The experience of being at a British Sign Language Interpreted Jousting Tournament

Summer is always full of enjoyable family events, for all age groups from children to seniors. If you have been following our social media channels you probably have been up-to-date on all of the available British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted events. However, one event has trilled us, because anything "for the whole family", which is "accessible", plus this one was in "incomparable surroundings" has this ticked all the boxes – a real “bullseye” strike!

We've had the wonderful opportunity to assist with a BSL interpreted Jousting Tournament at the historic Hever Castle, and we can only say that the event has been unbeatable!

We enjoyed a rip-roaring event in the designated BSL area, where Deaf/Hard of Hearing people attending were able to see the action close-up and follow the scoring process thanks to a fantastic interpretation team.

In addition to the jousting, we were delighted by a falconry display - also BSL interpreted, where we had the chance to ask questions of the handlers and got a closer view of the magnificent birds themselves.

We would like to highlight that a number of their staff had undergone basic BSL training and were able to greet BSL users in their first language.

Thanks for a wonderful and full experience – a real WOW time!


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