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What is “normal” anyway?

The last three months have taught us all quite a few things….

For me and members of my family, the lessons have included:

  • How little control we actually have over our own lives …

  • How quickly Mother Nature can recover if left to her own devices …

  • The difference between what we want and what we need is HUGE!

  • How easily we can “do without” if we have to …

  • Security is fragile – don’t take it for granted …

  • If you couldn’t before, you can certainly cook meals from scratch now!

  • Living on takeaway food is not an option!

  • Most human beings are thankfully selfless at heart …

  • A few human beings are terribly selfish and, pandemic or no pandemic, will stop at nothing to achieve their goals! Sometimes this comes at the expense of the selfless majority too!

  • The (over)Consumer Society is possibly a thing of the past – not such a bad thing maybe?

  • Working from home is a great option for many – why didn’t we explore this more beforehand?

  • People need people – we have all missed our friends and family over this period of lockdown …

  • Technology is valuable – even the most technophobic have mastered Zoom by now – but it is no substitute for human contact.

  • Some people will be left with long-lasting mental scars as a result of bereavement, isolation, financial worries and much more …

  • Hopefully we have all learned who Society’s most valuable contributors are – these are not the people who populate Reality TV and You Tube but the key workers in all their various guises …

  • Overall health and wellbeing can help to ward off more serious illness and, if you are unlucky enough to fall ill, help you recover more quickly. We should all take care of our mental and physical health …

  • Alcohol and chocolate are not the answer – but they do help (in moderation)

  • Lycra and Spandex are you friend!

  • Your dog will always love you – even if your hair is a fright, your nail extensions have fallen off and you’ve run out of mascara.

  • It is now impossible to wash your hands without singing “Happy Birthday”!

We are all going to have to get used to a new level of “normal” post lockdown and life may well never be the same again for many of us. We will not know the full impact of what has happened for quite some time and lessons will need to be learned. In years to come we will be taught in History classes – we are the survivors.

We cannot say this will not happen again – experts have been predicting a pandemic for quite some time and, no doubt there will be another. Let us hope it is not in our lifetime and that future generations will be more prepared and benefit from the valuable lessons we have all learned during 2020.

2020 – the year written by Stephen King, directed by Quentin Tarantino and narrated by Samuel L Jackson. What a year this has been!


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