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Why diversifying your workforce is good for your business

Workforce diversity is the mix of people that make up your workforce. It includes factors like gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation... and in today's world, companies are recognising the importance and value of having a diverse workforce for a successful business.

Employers who prioritise diversity in their recruitment efforts bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to the workplace, and enjoy numerous advantages such as:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty: Customers are more likely to be happy with your company's products and services if they feel like their needs are being met by employees who share their ethnicity, gender, disability status, etc. This helps build brand loyalty and can lead to increased sales.

  • Higher employee engagement: When employees feel like their needs are being met by the company, they are more likely feel to valued, engaged, and connected to their workplace.

  • Higher productivity: Employees who feel appreciated and valued will work harder because they want to see their employer succeed. Team members from different backgrounds can aid in problem solving and help each other out when one is stuck.

  • Broader market access: A diverse workforce opens up the potential for businesses to better understand a wider range of customers.

  • Stay ahead of the competition: Diverse workforces bring different perspectives, experiences, ideas, and skills to the table that might not have been thought of by a single-minded group. This gives a company the opportunity to make better decisions.

Overall, having a diverse workforce is beneficial to any business. It helps generate better ideas, foster a sense of inclusion, reach a larger audience, and remain successful.

So, if you are thinking about diversifying your team, why not hiring a deaf person? Look at the selection of deaf people actively looking for a job from our job club:


  • Mr. P. – Mitcham – Looking for painting and decorating – 25 years experience

  • Mr. B. – Kilburn – Delivery Driver – 9 years experience

  • Mr. H. – Bromley – Electrician – just finished College

  • Mrs. L. – Greenwich – Cleaner – 5 years experience


  • Mr. J. - Kensington – Looking for an admin roll – 20 years experience

  • Mr. A. – Bromley – Wants a nursery childcare apprenticeship – 3 years work experience

  • Mrs. J. - School Teacher assistant, administration, or supermarket

  • Mr. P. - London - Part time Specialist Outreach Worker


  • Mr. C. – Bexley – Wants retail work – no experience

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