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Get your chance to win a free pack of Transparent Medical Face Mask for a charity of your choice

We agree that COVID-19 pandemic has caused astronomical changes to everyday life, and no one is exempt from these changes to a greater or lesser degree.

Wearing face masks have genuinely changed our everyday lives too, yes, some of us are still using them, and there are groups that struggle the most, such as those who rely on lipreading and facial expressions for communication.

These groups go from the deaf and hard of hearing community to people with learning disabilities, dementia, autism, the elderly and young children.

Face masks are currently advised across all healthcare settings, on public transport and in crowded and enclosed spaces, which continues to raise miscommunication issues and anxieties amongst service users and or patients.

During the ongoing pandemic concerns we have seen lots of transparent face masks, but only a few are CE Marked ― CE Marking means that a product complies with EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

The British company Helloface have recently reached out to us with their new CE Marked Transparent Medical Face Mask with certified antimicrobial elements for medical purposes in healthcare, but is also transferrable to construction, hospitality, tourism, retail and more.

It’s clear shield is completely transparent allowing for lipreading and other facial expressions to be understood, as well as clear facial recognition. It is lightweight, made from recyclable, soft non-latex plastic and it’s three airflow channels enable great breathability.

All great points, but how many are offering a change to win a free pack for a charity of your choice?

Interesting right?!

Do however bear in mind that you can find lots of different companies offering certified transparent face masks too; we don't want to promote just one, but how do you get in on the offer?


You need to purchase a Helloface and upload a selfie wearing it on Twitter or Instagram using the tag @TheHelloface and hashtag #TheHelloface.

If you want more information about these face mask, you can head to their website:, visit this link to buy your own mask: , or contact at or call 0203 905 1888.


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